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The purpose of our products is to reduce the friction level of yarns as far as possible. To help achieve optimum levels, PREMIER WAXESS., offers a range of different types that are tailored to suit production conditions in extremely different environments worldwide. Consequently, not only the yarn number or yarn quality is important: the room temperature and the humidity in the winding hall are also decisive factors for the smoothest possible winding results.

Permanent test series and research in cooperation with renowned textile machine manufacturers and laboratories ensure that special PREMIER WAX ROLLS., types are matched perfectly to machine characteristics and conditions.

The PREMIER WAX ROLLS., application curve shows the ratio between the friction level and take-up by different materials such as man-made fibres or cotton yarns.The white area shows the optimum ratio.

Good For Nature

01 PREMIER WAX ROLLS., can supply wax rolls for all machine types used for waxing yarn with the optimum paraffin specifications and paraffin qualities. The penetration value describes the penetration depth of a test needle (in tenths of a millimetre). We colour tint our paraffin types to distinguish the different wax qualities. The colours used do not have any effect on the appearance of finished products.

02 Here at PREMIER WAX ROLLS., we recognise our responsibility for the environment. Our product is the first paraffin roll world-wide to be completely biodegradable and totally free of impurities


Greater machine efficiency in knitting thanks to optimum friction levels

Greater machine efficiency and productivity in spinning

Higher needle lifetime in knitting

Ultimate purity and melting qualities

Even, specific application

GOTS certified

Perfect dimensional accuracy of rolls

Protection against paraffin deposits

Washes out easily and completely