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About Premier Waxess

The company was established in the year 2015 in name of Premier Waxess is engaged in manufacture of wax rolls for spinning mills, dying units and wax rods for auto looms.

High – Performance Wax Rolls

THE BEST WAX IN THE WORLD wax rolls by Premier Waxess are manufactured with high-level standards.The name PREMIER stands for high quality with many benefits for the yarn application process.The quality of these exceptional products has been shaped by tradition and innovation.Premier mixtures that are individual and perfectly formulated to suit customer special yarns satisfy our clients all over the World.




The purpose of our products is to reduce the friction level of yarns as far as possible. To help achieve optimum levels, PREMIER WAXESS, offers a range of different types that are tailored to suit production conditions in extremely different environments worldwide. Consequently, not only the yarn number or yarn quality is important: the room temperature and the humidity in the winding hall are also decisive factors for the smoothest possible winding results.